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Sokoto butcher, Usman Buda, killed on by extremist Muslims after Deborah Samuel



The Sokoto State Governor, Ahmed Aliyu, has vowed that his administration will deal decisively with anyone who commits ‘blasphemy’ against the Islamic Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH).

The governor made the revelation in a statement signed by his spokesperson, Abubakar Bawa, while warning against any act capable of “degrading the personality of Prophet Muhammad SAW, especially in a state like Sokoto, which is predominantly a Muslim-dominated community.”

The Sokoto State Police Command had earlier confirmed the murder of a butcher, Usman Buda, who was killed on Sunday by extremist Muslims over an alleged blasphemous comment.

Some of Buda’s closest business partners in the market who made attempts to rescue him were also injured by the extremists, and now receiving medical treatment.

This was as the police promised to investigate the incident and bring perpetrators to book.

Reacting to the development, Bawa said there’s a need for all the residents to respect and protect the prophet’s dignity and personality.

The statement read, “Sokoto State Governor, Dr. Ahmed Aliyu, has called on the people of the state to remain calm and law-abiding at all times. The governor cautioned the people against any act capable of degrading the personality of Prophet Muhammad SAW, especially in a state like Sokoto, which is a predominantly Muslim-dominated community.

“Dr Aliyu said that Sokoto people have so much respect and regard for Prophet Muhammad SAW, hence the need for all the residents to respect, protect his dignity and personality.

“I want to call on the people of Sokoto State to avoid taking laws into their own hands and instead report any alleged crime or blasphemy to the appropriate quarters for necessary action.

“Our religion does not encourage taking laws into one’s hands, so let us try to be good followers of our religion,” he appealed.

Aliyu’s spokesperson further noted that the governor has warned would-be troublemakers to have a change of mind, adding that Sokoto is the wrong place for them.

Bawa said, “He added that the present administration will not take the issue of blasphemy lightly, and will deal decisively with anyone found guilty of any act aimed at degrading the personality of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in line with the provision of Islamic laws.

“The governor assured the people of the state of his administration’s commitment to guarantee the safety of lives and property of all law-abiding citizens.

“The governor also warned would-be troublemakers to have a change of mind, adding that Sokoto is a wrong place for them.”

Amnesty International has condemned the killing of a butcher, Usman Buda, on Sunday in Sokoto State for alleged blasphemy.

In a statement by its acting director, Isa Sanusi, Amnesty International said the killing of the butcher must be thoroughly investigated.

The human rights organisation called on the government at all levels to ensure that those responsible for the gruesome killing are brought to justice.

“Amnesty International strongly condemns the killing of Usman Buda today at a market in Sokoto over alleged blasphemy. Nigerian authorities must immediately investigate this horrifying incident and ensure that those suspected of being responsible are brought justice,” the statement read.

The organisation said the rate at which people are killed after being accused of blasphemous acts stresses the need for the authorities to guarantee human rights.

“The alarming uptick in blasphemy killings and accusations underscores the urgency with which the authorities must wake up to Nigeria’s international legal obligations to respect and protect human rights, including freedom of religion, opinion and expression.

“Nigerian authorities need no more evidence to see how dangerous accusations of blasphemy are — leading to unlawful killings and even whole communities being attacked and their homes burnt.

“By failing again and again to ensure that those suspected of responsibility of killing(s) over alleged blasphemy are brought to justice, the Nigerian authorities continue to create a permissive environment for brutality,” he said.

Buda was lynched by an irate mob.

The police command in the state said an investigation has been launched to unravel the cause and to identify those behind the killing.

Sunday’s killing was not the first time someone was killed in Sokoto State due to alleged blasphemy.

Last year Deborah Samuel, a student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education was killed for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Protests broke out in the state following the arrest of two suspects, forcing the state government to declare a curfew.

Though arrests were made by the police in 2022, the suspects were later released. Nobody was charged for Ms Samuel’s killing.

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