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Top Best African Currencies For Trade



By Balogun Kamilu Lekan

The forex market accommodates more than 170 currencies, with forex traders speculating on potential fluctuations in value, which can impact their respective prices. Profits are realised when the currency performs as anticipated, resulting in a price difference from the initial investment to the current value.

Among the currencies available for trading in the forex market, African currencies are among the most favourable. As the second-largest and second-most populated continent globally, the economic conditions of African countries significantly affect their currency’s performance. Consequently, the ideal currencies to trade demonstrate strength and are supported by a progressive economy.

Below are some of the best African currencies for foreign exchange trades

Tunisian Dinar 

This is the official currency of the North African country Tunisia. Compared to other African currencies, the Tunisian dinar is one of the strongest and has demonstrated remarkable stability against foreign inflation rates. 

The country’s significant income sources are exporting various goods such as insulated wire, crude oil, olive oil, non-knit men’s and women’s suits, and motor vehicles. 

The current exchange rate of the Tunisian dinar to the US dollar is 3.11 TND to 1 USD.


The Naira is the official currency of Nigeria. The West African country is the most populous black country on earth.

Nigeria’s main revenue generation source is the exportation of crude petroleum, gas, refined petroleum, special-purpose ships, and scrap vessels. 

As of 2022, the country experienced depreciation in its naira due to inflation.

The official rate of the naira exchange to a dollar is pegged at 461 naira

Libyan Dinar 

The Libyan dinar is the national currency of Libya. 4.79 Libyan dinars are equivalent to 1 USD.

The North African country is expected to experience significant growth in its economy despite the political instability in the country.

The oil-rich country has been plunged into several political unrests after the death of its former leader, Muammar Ghadaffi. 

Ghana Cedi

Ghana’s currency, the cedi, is one of the most popular currencies forex traders utilize in recent times. 

The country capitalises on its agricultural sector to produce cocoa beans, cocoa paste, Brazil nuts, coconuts, and cashews. It also strengthens its petroleum sector for exportation.

12.85 Ghana Cedis is currently equivalent to 1 Usd.


In the foreign exchange market, 17.76 South African Rand equals 1 USD. The country is Africa’s highest producer of gold, and its Rand plays a significant role in the pricing of its gold.

South Africa is also one of the continent’s largest exporters of platinum, coal briquettes, diamonds, and cars.

Due to its robust economic policy, minimal inflation rates, and high GDP per capita in South Africa, the Rand is a favourable option for trading.

Moroccan Dirham

One of the top tourist destinations in Africa is Morocco, situated in North Africa, which saw a robust economic recovery in 2021, achieving a GDP growth rate of 7.4%. However, the country’s inflation has risen due to increased fuel prices and a drought. The export products of Morocco include cars, mixed minerals, insulated wire, phosphoric acid, and calcium phosphates. Implementing free-market reforms by King Mohammad VI led to economic stability and exponential growth of the country’s economy. Presently, 1 USD is equivalent to 10.24 Moroccan dirhams.

Seychelles Rupee

Seychelles has the highest nominal per capita GDP among all African countries. It is the second-largest human development index on the continent, thanks to its Seychellois rupee, making it one of the most robust African currencies. 

In comparison to other African countries, Seychelles has low inflation rates. Its primary exports include recreational boats, processed fish, and passenger and cargo ships. The Seychellois rupee currently trades at a rate of 13.50 to 2 USD.


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