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Most Powerful Militaries in Africa (2023)



Global Fire Power is a group that is well known for having a reasonable awareness of the militaries throughout the world. In the Global Fire Power survey used for this list, 145 countries were studied and analysed according o their military powers. Based on the following variables, it employs its calculation system for ranking:


Population totals, available personnel, ready to serve, annually achieving military age, active military manpower, and reserve military manpower.


total number of aircraft, fighters and interceptors, attack planes, transports, trainers, the total number of helicopters, attack helicopters, and operable airports.

Army Strength

Combat tanks, armoured fighting vehicles, towed and self-propelled artillery, and rocket launchers.

Naval Strenght

Aircraft carriers, frigates, destroyers, corvettes, submarines, patrol vessels, and mine warfare are included in the total naval strength.


purchasing power parity, foreign exchange and gold reserves, external debt, and annual defence budgets.


Labour force, merchant marine strength, major ports and terminals, roadway, and railway coverage.

Natural Resources

Oil production, oil consumption and other marketable natural resources.


Land mass, coastline, shared borders, and waterway coverage.

Below is a list of the top African countries from the survey

5. Ethiopia

In the assessment of 145 nations, Ethiopia came in at number 49.

A nation landlocked and lacking a navy is not penalized under the Global Fire Power. Due to this disadvantage, Ethiopia has concentrated on developing a formidable ground and air force.

It boasts one of the largest populations on the continent and some excellent military hardware, providing it with a powerful force when needed.

Even while Ethiopia no longer mandates military training, they still have the power to mobilize the populace at any time.

This enormous army is equipped with about 24 fighter jets, eight attack helicopters, 400 combat tanks, 114 armoured fighting vehicles, 183 rocket launchers, 67 self-propelled artillery, 650 pieces of towed artillery, etc.

The Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF) have a $350,000 budget.

4. Nigeria 

Nigeria is ranked 36 out of the 145 countries analyzed.

The nation’s large population provides for its navy, army, and air force, and abundant oil resources provide for much of its equipment.

They use a variety of weaponry, including eight fighter jets, 13 attack jets, 15 attack helicopters, 253 combat tanks, 36 rocket launchers, 1,789 armoured fighting vehicles, 339 pieces of towed artillery, 100 marine patrol boats, and more.

Its annual budget defence is $2,155,000,000.

3. South Africa 

Out of 145 nations studied in the research, South Africa is rated 33.

This nation’s military is comparable to that of other advanced European countries. Although fewer than 100,000 active-duty military members, they have top-of-the-line, cutting-edge equipment.

Additionally, only South Africa made an effort to acquire nuclear technology in Africa. South African soldiers must be feared because Israeli and British forces trained them.

17 fighter jets, 12 attack helicopters, 195 battle tanks, 50 rocket launchers, 2,000 fighting armored vehicles, 43 self-propelled artillery, 72 towed artillery, four navy frigates, three submarines, 31 naval patrol boats, etc. are just a few to mention from their arsenal.

A staggering $4,278,000,000 is set aside by the Republic of South Africa for defence 

2. Algeria

On a scale of 1 to 145 from the survey, Algeria is ranked 26.

Arguably the biggest spender on defence in Africa is Algeria. Over 127,000 soldiers make up the nation’s frontline force, a modern army partly supported by its oil reserves.

103 fighter aircraft, 22 attack aircraft, 45 attack helicopters, 880 combat tanks, 316 rocket launchers, 7,361 fighting armoured vehicles, 320 self-propelled artillery, 240 towed artillery, 5 naval frigates, 6 submarines, 25 naval patrol craft, etc. are just a few from Algeria’s extensive equipment.

A substantial $13,000,000,000 has been allocated to Algeria’s defence.

1. Egypt

Out of the 145 nations surveyed, Egypt comes in 14 place.

This nation has long been and still is the military juggernaut of Africa. For many years, it was one of the principal recipients of American military assistance.

Many believed the political unrest would weaken the military, but it appears to have grown even more potent. Its massive 500,000 frontlines active personnel outnumber any of its African competitors.

Additionally, Egypt is the only nation in Africa to have two aircraft carriers.

Its equipment includes some of the following: 215 fighter planes, 88 attack planes, 81 attack helicopters, 4,295 combat tanks, 1,084 rocket launchers, 11,700 armoured fighting vehicles, 1,139 pieces of self-propelled artillery, 2,189 pieces of towed artillery, 2 aircraft carriers, 7 navy frigates, 8 submarines, 45 naval patrol ships, etc.

For its defence spending, the Egyptian government allots $11,200,000,000.


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