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Most Innovative African Countries



Only a few African nations could brag of an active innovation space ten years ago. Fewer still had implementation plans for their innovation policies, and even fewer did so. With players who consistently speed up innovation on the continent, the continent is now seeing greater dynamism in innovation. The Covid epidemic sparked innovation by highlighting the necessity of efficiency and technology to carry out daily tasks.

Photo: African Leadership Magazine

As several leaders fervently plugged into modern technical breakthroughs like blockchain development and Artificial Intelligence to optimize commercial operations and boost efficiency last year, African nations succeeded in innovation.

Some African countries have been chosen as the best locations for metaverse testing, and telecommunications corporations have embraced 5G networks. Additionally, $7 billion in funding would be provided to the continent’s startup ecosystem as entrepreneurs try to address its particular problems.


Here are the top five most innovative African countries

1. Mauritius

Photo: The Times

Mauritius retains its top spot as the continent’s most inventive nation. Moving up seven spots from 2021, it now holds the top spot in sub-Saharan Africa and is ranked 45th on the Global Innovation Index. The island’s transition from an agrarian economy with low income to a knowledge- and service-based economy with high income has been extended. To support development and transformation driven by innovation, it has continued concentrating on its ICT and emerging technologies industries.

Mauritius has a high human development rating, which is unusual for African nations. The nation averaged across the four pillars of institutions, human capital and research, market sophistication, and creative outputs in 2022, performing better in innovation inputs than innovation outputs. The deals with venture capital investors and the money they earned were their key sources of strength in 2022.


2. South Africa

Photo: Coindesk

With major accomplishments, including the creation of oil from coal (Sasol), speed guns, smart lock safety syringes, and electric game-drive vehicles, South Africa has a long history of invention and innovation. The nation was one of the pioneers in the development of electric game-viewing vehicles that were so quiet that they shocked both people and animals. Despite these achievements, South Africa has yet to move up the worldwide innovation list; it currently holds the 61st spot. The research claims that the country generates more innovative outputs than inputs for its investments.

3. Morroco

Photo: Atalayar

In 2022, Morocco was ranked 67th internationally and third among African nations for innovation. The country regularly uses innovation to drive growth in its most productive industries. For instance, Morocco’s growth rate in 2021 increased to 7.4% from 6.3% in 2020 due to the adoption of innovative practices in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

The country demonstrated strong performance in various areas, including institutions, human capital, research, infrastructure, market sophistication, knowledge and technology outputs, and creative outputs. Morocco’s higher-tech sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and the automotive industry, flourished with companies collaborating with international partners to establish integrated supply chains.

4. Tunisia

Tunisia was ranked 73rd internationally and fourth most innovative in Africa. The nation performed in line with the average for the region in terms of human capital, research, knowledge and technology outputs, and creative output. Government support, many graduates in science and engineering, and high-tech exports were Tunisia’s key sources of innovation. The Tunisian government introduced a new policy in 2022 to foster innovation, generate 840,000 industrial jobs and raise the export value by 2035.

5. Botswana

Photo: Botswana Gazette

On a global scale, Botswana rose from 106th in 2021 to 86th. The nation of southern Africa was one of sixteen nations whose positions in terms of global innovation increased. The substantial improvement in Botswana’s innovation sector was driven by the nation’s urgent need for post-pandemic recovery.

The nation’s strengths for the year were concentrated on applied tariffs, new businesses, and spending on education. Botswana outperformed the region’s average in industrial development, human capital, and research, although performing worse than anticipated given its degree of development. The investment in education, human capital, research, new businesses, accessibility to microcredit, and payments for intellectual property was essential to innovation in Botswana.



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