Dein of Agbor Kingdom (Benjamin Keagborekuzi): Biography, Age, Marriage, Children, Net worth, and More

By Balogun Kamilu Lekan


His Royal Majesty Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi I was born June 29, 1977, to Obi Ikenchukwu I and Queen Grace Ikenchukwu.

The unexpected death of his father in 1979 put the young prince on the radar of royal duty at just 28 months, making him the youngest crowned monarch on earth. A feat recorded by the Guinness book of record in its 1980 edition.

Describing how he felt at the time, the king in an interview said; “I am happy I cannot recall because in some of the pictures I saw, I didn’t look too happy. So, only God knows what was going through my mind at the time, like what are these people doing, what are you putting on my head? It must have been a very interesting period. It was God’s decision and we followed it.”

Ascending the throne at such a tender age expectedly placed the kingdom in little anxiety as the people weren’t prepared for such and the crowned prince barely knew what was going on. 

But tradition has to take its course hence, earning the new king the name “Obi Keagborekuzi” which means, “What is Agbor saying again?”


To protect the young king and to maintain the sustainability of the stool, he was flown to the UK in 1981 and a reagent was appointed to rule in his stead.

While abroad he attended the Catholic School of Kent, the College Bearwood in Surrey, College of San Benedict, Ealing and the Birbeck College in London.

Where he obtained various degrees and certifications before returning to Nigeria in 2001.

Wife and Children

According to a report, Oba Keagborekuzi 1 secretly got married to a white woman which caused controversy among the Agbor people who expected him to marry a woman from Agbor.

In his interview with PUNCH, the King claimed to be married to an Agbor woman whom he met at an event in America. 

“I met her at an event I attended. Only God knows how the United States, as big as it is, was able to find an Agbor woman for me. Honestly, it was very strange. I thank God because I wasn’t expecting to have met an Agbor woman there.” He said in the interview.

The Oba in his 40s has also been reported to have a set of twins from one of his former lovers as reported by The Point, where it was further claimed that the King is not officially married


The monarch of the oil-rich community is reported to be worth $10 million, making him feature in the list of the top 10 richest kings in Nigeria.

The King’s luxury includes a 2015 Mercedes Benz Maybach worth N65 million. He is also the youngest to make the list of the richest monarchs in Nigeria.


His Royal Majesty Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi I, is unarguably one of Nigeria’s most exposed monarchs.

His transcultural interaction and activism have placed him in such calibre.

At age 29, Oba Keagborekuzi I was appointed the Chancellor of the University of Ilorin by then-President Olusegun Obasanjo, making him the youngest Chancellor of any public or private university in Africa.

He’s been invited to speak at various events in and outside the country. 

He is also decorated as the Officer of the Order of Belgium.

Back home he has influenced various cultural and community development reforms. He helped settle a dispute between the youths and the Police in 2003.

He also partnered with the government to stop human trafficking in his chiefdom.


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