10 Things You Probably Never Knew About JJC Skillz

Abdulrasheed Bello known professionally as Skillz or JJC Skillz is a Nigerian songwriter, rapper, record and television producer and not just actress Funke Akindele’s husband..

In June 30 2022, he posted on his social media platform that the he has separated from Funke Akindele.

He made this clear on his Instagram account where he mentioned funke’s insistence on him to live out of the house and there’s been a lot of backlash since that announcement of their seperation.

We have decided to curate some of the top things about him you probably never knew about the talented creative who has been in the entertainment industry within the last two decades.

  1. Bello was born in Kano and left Nigeria for U.K. when he was fourteen years old. He developed interest and appreciation of music listening to his father’s country music records and juju music.
  2. In U.K., he was drawn to hip-hop music and soon formed a musical group with a friend, thereafter they began performing at talent shows.
  3.  His stage name, JJC means Johnny just come, a term used by Nigerians to describe naive new arrivals to the city.
  4. Bello’s first major producing project was co-founding Big Brovas records and Big Brovas collective. In 2004, he released Atide, his debut album with 419 squad. His producing credits include Weird MC‘s Ijoya, Pu Yanga by Tillaman, and Morile by Buoqui.
  5. He also came to the African music scene creating projects like Afropean (Afro-European fusion) and Afrobeats.
  6. In 2013, he won the best international artist at the Nigerian entertainment award. He created an African super group called the JJC and the 419 squad. This group won the Kora All African music award in 2014
  7. JJC Skillz earned recognition in Nigeria after the release of his single We Are Africans, an afrobeat anthem.Prior to the success of We are Africans, Skillz was producer for the British hip-hop record company and musical group Big Brovaz.
  8. In December 2002, he released his debut album, Atide, an experimental album with lyrics in English and Nigerian languages and influenced by hip hop, African and salsa musical styles.
  9. He co-produced with his wife, Funke AkindeleIndustreet a television show about the Nigerian music industry.
  10. Prior to his marriage to Akindele, Bello fathered three children from three different mothers. He married Funke Akindele in 2016.In 2018,the couple gave birth to a set of twins.
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