‘Help! My wife went out behind my back, now asking for forgiveness’

A Nigerian man is asking for advice on what to do after his wife went out with a friend without informing him.

Good evening, my wife went to work yesterday and I was at home because it was my off day at work. She came back late and I suspected that she went somewhere but didn’t confront her.

Few months back, I was going through her phone and saw she had some dirty chats with her ex and that one was saying he should find time for him. I confronted her when I saw this and she apologized that such will never happen again.

Today, we were both lying next to each other in bed and she said she have a confession to make. She said she went out to the cinema with a friend of hers. She even took a cloth along with her when she was going without informing me.

She said she changed her clothes at her friend’s place. I asked her if anything happen to her at the so-called friend’s house that she went to without informing me, who will they call? She said she’s not a kid and that I should stop saying such thing. She’s here apologizing again and I don’t know if I should forgive her or not.

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