Why you shouldn’t label a woman gold digger —Reno Omokri

Nigerian lawyer, author, and vlogger, Reno Omokri is advising men against labelling women as good diggers. 

He shared this via an Instagram post on Friday, April 23, 2022. 

In his post, he explains that the Bible depicts a man as a provider, as he provides for the family, and the wife is a cater who cares for the family. 

He also added that urban enlightenment – wokeness – does not agree, but it didn’t create marriage. Because God did. 

He used these points to explain why a man should not be upset when a woman looks at his finances before accepting a marriage proposal.

His post reads “Dear men, The ideal family is one where the husband provides for the family, and the wife cares for the home.

“Wokeness rejects this, but wokeness did not create marriage. God did and Scripture is very clear. So stop accusing women of gold digging when they look at your income when you look for their hand in marriage.

“Man was created by God as a provider. Woman was created as his helper. If you as a man have nothing to provide, you need a job, not a helper.

“Don’t marry when all you can be is a sufferer, rather than a provider! Women who refuse your suffering are not gold diggers.”

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