Mary Njoku warns people against age-shaming  

Nigerian actress and television executive Mary Remmy Njoku is warning people against age shaming. 

The actress shared her warning in an Instagram post on Thursday, March 10, 2022.

In the post. She sarcastically asks people to try dying at a young age if growing old is as ugly as they paint it to be. 

Her post reads “Dear Nigerians there is nothing like age-shaming. If you feel getting old is an ugly thing, try dying young” 

“Any small thing ‘old woman! Go and get married. Your mate dey husband house, old cargo. See this mumu old man”

“Unfortunately for you, you are speaking to your future self, that’s if you are lucky to live that long”

She also adds in the caption that people who engage in age-shaming are attracting the ‘Angel of dea4th’ to themselves. 

“Stop age-shamming people if you don’t want the angel of de4th to grant tor personal wish of not getting old. Age is inevitable, embrace it” ahe wrote.

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