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See skincare advice Huddah Monroe is giving



Kenyan social media influencer and skincare entrepreneur Alhuda Njoroge, popularly known as Huddah Monroe, is giving free skincare advice to women. 

She shared this from her Snapchat account on Monday, February 28, 2022, in a slide where she explains, skin care products work faster with a complete set of skincare products, rather than individual products. 

Her post reads “Ladies don’t be stingy on yourself lol! Use a whole lot to get faster results. You can’t use kojic acid soap without a rose water toner and vitamin c for daytime. And retinol at night”

“If that’s the case just wash yourself with bar soap, water & live ya life.” 

“GREAT SKIN & Skincare is for people who live themselves, not those who are scared to spend on themselves. And our products are affordable. WHY NOT?”


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