Why Huddah Monroe is telling women to be financially independent

Kenyan social media influencer, Alhuda Njoroge, popularly known as Huddah Monroe has revealed why women should have their own financial freedom.

She shared the reason on her Instagram story on Thursday, February 24, 2022, stating that African men just want a woman they can control so women must be financially capable on their own.

Her posts read “A woman having her own money is freedom it means she ain’t gonna fuck a 90yr old man just coz of money!”

“She will fuck who makes her happier. Do you think people get married to older men for sex and love? Lol lack of financial freedom”

“Also why do you think so many home maker wives or stay at home moms or housewives stay being beat up, cheated on by their so?”

“You become annoying coz you only ask, no input. We all have begging ass leaches”

“Women should know making their own gives them freedom to choose. Freedom to be. If you let a man feed you, you also give him power to starve you”

“I have so many friends who cry daily. They have nowhere to start after failed marriages. And no money from the manz. This is Africa. Child suppprt is a myth.”

“Only narcissistic men controlling low self esteem insecure men love woman they have to keep at home like a pet”


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