Why Shatta Wale is trending for kissing his bodyguard

Ghanaian singer Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr, stage name ‘Shatta Wale’ is suddenly trending on social media once again.

The singer went on a rant at the start of 2022, accusing Nigerian musicians of not being supportive of Ghanaian musicians, even going as far as challenging g Burna Boy to a fight.

Although he has been quiet since, he is now trending for showing “support” to one of his bodyguards.

In a circulating viral video, Shatta Wale is seen taking off one of his neck jewelry and wearing it around the neck of his bodyguard.

He then proceeds to share a brotherly kiss with the bodyguard and holds him in a brotherly embrace also.

Shatta Wale does understand he is trending for kissing his male bodyguard, and is quite comfortable with it as he has responded in a tweet where he explains his fans are happy when he kisses publicly.

That tweet reads “Kissing makes my fans happy”.

It is not the first time the singer has been seen in a video in this light. He has shared numerous videos of himself locking lips with his girlfriend.


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