See question actress Jemima Osunde is asking

Nigerian actress, TV presenter, and model Jemima Osunde is asking why women visit men and not the other way around.

She took to her Twitter account on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, to ask this question in a series of tweets.

In her tweets, she asked if the reason girls go to visit men is because they are homeless.

She also added that she has read a lot of testimonies, where girls have to lead a mama house really early because a ‘family member’ is coming over.

The tweets read “My own question is why is it always the ladies that go over? Are you homeless? Can’t they come to you?”

“Cause all these “testimonies”…. He woke me up at 6am, he told me his aunty was coming at 4 am, come and be going. My homegirls whyyyyy?”

She finally came to the conclusion that some women don’t want certain men in their own spaces, she agreed it is a logical reason.

“Oh it’s a thing of not wanting people in your own space? Okay well that makes sense. I think.” She wrote.

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