Ibrahim Suleiman happy he cohabited before marriage, reveals why

Nigerian dancer and actor Ibrahim Suleiman, has in a response to a Twitter user, revealed he happily cohabited with his wife before marriage.

He described the time spent as one of the wrong things he was happy he did, and also later added that cohabiting and fornication are different things.

In February 16, 2022, a twitter user made reference to the Bible’s teachings on cohabitation before marriage, stating that the Bible discourages cohabitation.

That tweet reads “A subtle reminder that as a Christian, cohabiting with your partner before marriage is wrong.”

In response to the tweet, Ibrahim Suleiman said they tweep is correct, but it also felt natural for him to cohabit with his wife as they are both ambiverts and need to understand their triggers.

His tweets read “This is true.

But it is one of the wrong things I’m glad I did even if it was just for a few weeks.”

“It just felt like the natural/wise thing to do.

Get to spend time in each other’s faces, day in, day out.”

“We are both ambiverts who value alone time so it was important to learn each other’s cues.

Now I can tell when she needs a couple of hrs to herself and vice versa”

“If you see “cohabiting” and your mind interprets it as “fornicating”, your lack of self control is smelling and I almost feel bad for you.”

“But I won’t, because you are an adult and that’s your struggle.”


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