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Toke Makinwa is missing her assistant, here is why



Nigerian TV host and social media influencer, Toke Makinwa, has in a series of tweets, expressed that she misses her assistant who quit being an assistant.

She took to her Twitter account on Thursday, February 10, 2022, to reveal why her assistant quit and also stated she hopes her assistant comes back.

She explained that working as her assistant is a log of pressure and her assistant whose name is Bukola, has health issues, but she still misses having her assistant around because she is a good person.

She stated that her assistant quit the job as a personal assistant to work at her (Toke Makinwa) company, ‘TM Luxury’ as the head of logistics.

Her tweets read “My assistant left me this February and it feels like a breakup. I know I am a drama Queen but she ditched being my personal assistant to being head logistic at TM luxury.”

“I feel dumped, I miss her so much and I hope she sees this tweet and comes back”

“Thing in she’s probably better at TM luxury cos the demands of being my personal assistant is a lot and she had some health challenges but why do I have to lose to my company???”

“I resist the urge to call her excessively cos she now has a new job and I don’t want her to know I miss her but we seldom meet good people with good hearts who mean genuinely well.”

“I know I’ll be ok but if you are ever blessed with a good person don’t let them go.”

“I have been truly blessed to have amazing people in my life, the TM machine is a bunch of selfless people who truly have blessed me beyond my wildest imagination.”

“So while I miss Bukola’s gentle yet beastly nature at getting things done I know my company is lucky to have her.”


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