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Actress Helen Duru reveals how ‘Mkpuru mmiri’ killed her gateman



Nigerian actress Helen Duru has revealed how her gateman passed away.

The actress shared this via her Instagram account on Friday, February 11, 2022.

She shared videos of the gateman before and after his passing in a post with video slides.

In the caption, she reveals her gateman passed due to his use of methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth, or Mkpuru mmiri in some parts of Nigeria.

Her post reads “Hello fam, I beg you with whatever God you serve stay away from Methamphetamine/Crystal Meth A.K.A Mkpuru mmiri. I heard how deadly that shit is but I confirmed it today.”

“While I was trying to get ready for daddy Sam ‘s burial my gateman died this morning. Everything we did to bring him back to life was fruitless.”

Alao, she advised people to stay away from drugs, including crystal meth, as they are dangerous.

“Please if you can stay away from Mkpuru mmiri please do. Another soul gone cos of drugs. My heart is really bleeding. This guy was my paddy.” she wrote.


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