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Reno Omokri To Men: Invest time on girlfriend, money on business



Former Presidential aide and author, Reno Omokri has a word of advice for men in relationships.

Reno who is popular for his nuggets on social media advised men to only invest time on their girlfriends and invest money in their business.

“Dear men, Invest time on girlfriends and money on your business. That is how you grow. If you invest money on girlfriends, you may not have enough to invest in your business. And the business may collapse. As a result, your relationship with her may also collapse!”

He also claimed that it’s unwise for a man to allow himself to be pressured into financing a woman he’s not married to only because he’s in amorous relationship with her.

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Taking to Twitter to share his two cent, he wrote,

“Dear men, When a woman you date tells you she needs money, listen calmly without interrupting, then respond thus, ‘I am sorry, but it seems you mistake me for your father’. Don’t be pressured into financing a woman you are romancing. It is nice. It is not wise”.

According to him, “In 1985, a Mercedes-Benz W124 (popularly known as V-Boot) was $33000, and a 2 bedroom flat in London cost $35000. Today that Mercedes is worth $2000, while a 2 bed room London flat costs $400,000. The wrong flex will make you a fool in your old age”.

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