How To Make A Nigerian Lady Forgive You

It is true African women, especially Nigerian ladies are a rare and special breed of the female species. Accepting this as a man is the first step towards being able to cope with them.

African men too can be a pain in the butt considering different macho behaviours frown against by this new generation of pseudo-feminist.

In all, love is the most beautiful of all emotions you can ever feel. We can go all the way for that one person without being able to explain why. The happiness cannot be quantified.

However, there is every possibility of friction in your smooth love ride. This is common and happens to everyone.

For a man, there are ways you can seek a Nigerian ladies forgiveness, provided you genuinely want to.

Analyse The Situation

What happened? Why is she angry? Sometimes, what happened the instant she angrily left or dropped the call might not be the main reason she is mad at you. You probably have done some things prior, to make her get angry at this. Analyzing the situation gives you a fresh look at things. Put yourself in her shoes and think of what you would expect the other person to do before you could forgive.

Drop The Hard Guy Game

We know you are the man of the relationship. But right now, you are the offender in the relationship. And if there should be a court, we don’t know how long you will be sentenced. So, drop the hard guy act and apologize. As in, immediately before she overthinks things.

She will surely need more time to completely get over the hurt you made her go through, but apologising will go a long way. It makes ladies feel important and relevant in your life. And this is one thing they crave the most.

Be Sincere

If you are still angry at something while begging her, don’t fake it. Don’t lie to your lady. It might help solve today’s problem, but it might be a hurdle in resolving a future one.

While apologising, let her know so-so and so thing hurts you but you don’t want to discuss it now. Tell her you just want things to return to normal first to better discuss it. Reassure her of the love you have for her.

Be prepared for questions

Women are the most inquisitive creature. While apologising, be ready to answer thousands of questions related to your present offence and those from the past. Your worst mistake would be lying in your response. Most of the time, they know the truth but want to confirm it from you. Lying will only complicate issues. So, for once, use your church mind and be a saint. Don’t lie!

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