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Statement on center for clinical care and clinical research



Correction: An earlier version of our story, titled: ‘Murder in Uyo: Who Killed Hiny Umoren?’ had incorrectly described the Center for Clinical Care and Clinical Research (CCCRN) as a ‘Ghost NGO’ and stated, that, Uduak Apkan, the self confessed killer of a job seeker, Iniobong Umoren met with one Kufre Effiong at the CCCRN premises.

That version has since been disputed by the CCCRN and we have corrected the story to remove this assertion. Using GPS and cellular geolocation, the telco call records placed the address in question at 58, Unit G Ewet Housing Estate, which is the address of CCCR Nigeria’s Uyo Office.

There is however a mapping error which duplicates the geographical location in question as S9, Unit G, Ewet Housing Estate, which is the address of Davok Suites. In other words, on digital mapping services such as google maps – which telco records rely on – Davok Suites often shows up as CCCR Nigeria. This was also clearly acknowledged in the story. Below is a composite image proving the existence of this mapping error.

The Center, located in Akwa Ibom state, provides health, protection, education, nutrition and household economic strengthening services (among others) to more than 100,000 orphans and vulnerable children and their households – a statement issued by the Organization reads in parts.

According to the statement of the CCCRN, the Center for Clinical Care and Clinical Research has been in operation since 2010 , “We therefore urge all members of the public to note that The Center for Clinical Care and Clinical Research (CCCRN) is a responsible non-profit organization and has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Effiong, organ trafficking, harvesting”.

Our story about the murder of Iniubong Umoren, whose alleged killer Mr. Frank Uduak Ezekiel Akpan (Mr. Frank) has been arrested by the Police is to unmask persons behind the killing of the Job seeker and not meant to discredit any group, Individual or organisation.

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