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‘We had sex, Ini Umoren attacked me, I killed her in self defense’ – Uduak Akpan claims



Uduak Akpan, the confessed killer of Ini Umoren, the young graduate who was killed after being lured to a fake interview, has claimed he killed the young lady while he defended himself.

20-year-old Uduak confessed to the crime as he spoke with Journalists when he was paraded by the Akwa Ibom Police Command on Friday.

He claimed that he had approached her for sex at the deceitful interview but she turned violent after he removed his condom while they had sex.

“I asked her whether she could work in a farm where hard drugs were kept; she said she could,” Uduak said in a Facebook live video seen by NewsWireNGR.

“I asked her that I would like to have sex with her before she left. She agreed and gave a condition that I would have to use condom, which I did.

“While I removed the condom, she became furious and removed the nearby stabilizer to hit me on the head… While I was bleeding, in other to stop her, I used the stabilizer to hit her. When I hit her, she fell.” he claimed.

Uduak, who confessed he hit the victim with a pressing iron, also admitted at a point that five other ladies had suffered a similar fate in his hands, although none died.

Recounting his own account, Uduak’s father claimed he was not aware of his son’s criminal activities until he was invited to Uran Police Station.

“I wasn’t aware, I’m not happy about it,” he said. “I was asked to call him and I called him back. When he arrived, I was allowed to interact with him. He told me he did something wrong and that he was sorry. I blamed him: ‘Why did you do this? You are not my only child; I have two other children and they are women. If anybody does this to your sisters would you be happy?’ He said no.”

NewsWireNGR had reported that Iniubong left home for an interview at Airport Rd in the outskirts of Uyo April 29, 2021. About 2 hours later, she made a frantic phone call to her friend where she was heard screaming before the call was abruptly ended. Her phone was switched off shortly after that.

Her death was later confirmed by the police and the serial killer Uduak was arrested after days of being on the run.

Speaking at Umoren’s funeral, her foster mother said the deceased was an intelligent and well-behaved girl.

“Iniubong was a very good girl. She was very respectful. She was an intelligent and well-behaved girl. That was why I ensured he attended school up to the university level. She studied Philosophy at the University of Uyo. All the years she lived with me I never got any bad report from anywhere or anybody about her behaviour,” she said

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