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‘Insufficient funds not an excuse for not paying salaries’ – NLC President



President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Ayuba Wabba, has called out State Governors for using insufficient funds as an excuse not to pay worker’s salaries.

Speaking during an interview on Channels TV on Monday morning, Wabba said Governors and other political office holders earn their money illegitimately as they don’t work for it.

“The councilors to the highest office holder in the land do not earn their pay based on the ability of the government to pay.

“Government must lead for order employers of labour to actually follow. The primary purpose of every Government which our Governors needs to know borders on security and welfare of the people with the welfare of workers inclusive.

“How can they say that our security agencies who risk their lives on daily basis, fighting for the betterment of the country are tiny minorities?

“How can they say that our frontline workers, the doctors, nurses and all health officials who made battling the coronavirus pandemic their priority, are tiny minorities? He queried.

“This is an inhumane act and shows you just how this government thinks.

“How many politicians do we have and how much are they consuming? This politicians earn more than they ought to when they are practically doing nothing.

“If we are to analyze this in all sincerity, what the workers are earning even though they aren’t paid well, is legitimate and what this politicians consume is totally illegitimate,” he said.

Speaking on the payment of minimum wage, the labour leader threatened a shutdown in states where governors are yet to implement the policy.

He added, “Today, more than one-third of the states are not paying. Some actually implemented for Levels 1-6. It is only about lack of resources, it is about whether they are committed to workers’ welfare.

“If not, how can a state like Rivers be talking about workers’ welfare up till now. This is the real issue. Those governors that are good, are not in the same category.” He stated.

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