Yobe State Governor, Mala Buni escapes to Abuja while terrorists sack communities, hoists flag

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Yobe State Governor, Mala Buni has been in Abuja while Boko Haram terrorists continue to hoist flags in communities, sack citizens across the state – the activities of the insurgents intensified over the last week in the state.

The terrorists had on Friday attacked Geidam, the headquarters of Geidam Local Government Area of Yobe State and hometown of the acting Inspector-General of the Police, Baba Alkali – hundreds of residents killed and others displaced.

The terrorists have been firing rocket at unarmed civilians, looting several shops, shooting sporadically killing anyone insight while they looted large amounts of food and burn houses – in all of the attacks, the Governor is not in sight.

Boko Haram hoisted its flag in some parts of the Geidam community, in Yobe state. This comes days after the terrorists reportedly attacked Geidam local government area of the state. Some of the residents tell NewWireNGR, that, the insurgents have hoisted their flags in some parts of their community, moving from house to house preaching to them to accept their ideology.

But In an interview with the BBC Hausa Monday monitored by NewsWireNGR, the governor said in the past everything was easier but this time it was worse, because the motives of the militants were unknown, and their arrival at this time was different from what had been seen in the past.

Mai Mala said everyone was aware of the situation in northeastern Nigeria, but the attacks they were witnessing were alarming and needed to be addressed.

The governor’s remarks come amid widespread rumors that he has not been heard from since the militants began killing hundreds and forcing hundreds to flee.

However, the governor told the BBC that he was not idle, rather, his presence in Abuja is to engage with security officers in Abuja to find a solution.
He said, “Militants often come in and loot food and property but at this time they stay in the city for days.

The people of the town were plunged into chaos and a state of unrest, forcing them to flee to seek refuge in neighboring towns.

“I am in talks with the Nigerian security chief to find a way to contain the militants, and now the town is under the control of the security forces,” said Mai Mala Buni.

But the governor expressed deep concern saying that at the state level they could work to ease the situation.

Boko Haram has recently intensified its attacks in Geidam and other towns in northeastern Nigeria and among those killed in Friday’s clashes was a woman who died as a result of a rocket fired at her mother-in-law’s house, where she was visiting Geidam.

Nigeria’s security situation is deteriorating, which has led some observers to fear for the country’s future, especially as the country’s military is facing a shortage of weapons and militants.

See below, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) flier distributed in Geidam, Yobe State

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