After a 2 year break, singer-songwriter DavidB, is back with ‘These Crazy Times’

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After 2 and a half years of not releasing original music, DavidB is back giving us a timeless classic with ‘Fall In Line”. The up-tempo motivational record was released in December of 2020 and has been the anthem of many since then.

DavidB taps into his gospel roots; taking us to church as the song progresses in 5 key changes, an abundance of riffs and runs, growls, and sermon-worthy adlibs. DavidB features singers: Solomon Akinsanya and Neusongs and the track ends with sincere vocals from his nephew and niece.

“This song for me, musically, was just an honest expression of how I felt without over thinking how it fits in today’s music. I literally wanted to produce something that I love, with people I rate and admire, regardless of whether it would sit well on any playlists or blend in with current trends. I also wanted a song that I knew I would listen to 50 years from now and I still feel something.”

“Fall In Line” was produced by Laurent Sayz popularly known for his association with Sound Sultan, and was written by DavidB. This is one of the many singles DavidB has line up for release throughout 2021.

“I wish that with everything that has happened and is happening, you never let go of hope, you never stop believing and dreaming that what you desire is possible, you don’t get tired of fighting and pushing for all you aspire to be. I choose to believe that everything will be alright; everything will fall in line; everything will work out fine, because honestly if we don’t believe that, then what?”

DavidB’s new song is available for streaming and download here:

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