How seven Kano children were found allegedly sold in Anambra

The government of Kano in northern Nigeria says seven more children abducted from the state have been found and sold in the southern state of Anambra.

The state information commissioner, Malam Muhammad Garba, told the BBC that five parents had already identified their children among the children identified.

A committee set up by the Kano State government to find the most abducted children in the state has visited a kindergarten in Enugu and Anambra states, where it found the children.

“Photos and videos of these children have been leaked and five parents say they have identified their children among those seen in the video,” Muhammad Garba said.
He said the truth of the claim that the children belonged to them was still being verified because there was no rush to fight the mob.

The commissioner of information said the Kano state government and the commission would take all necessary steps to ensure that the children were received soon.

There are reports that nine more children from the state have been identified in the northern state of Gombe, but the commissioner did not confirm the news, saying that if it was confirmed that the children were from their state, they would also be picked up.

The parents of the abducted girls have formed a coalition to demand the official return of their children, and in the past there have been protests by the girls’ parents which have added to the committee’s stand on the issue. find children.
brahim Isma’il is the head of the children’s parents’ association, and told the BBC he was pleased with the progress.

“We are happy to find these children and they are two out of seven who have not been reached by their parents. We are currently looking for 113 children,” said Ibrahim Ismail.

Since the formation of the Kano State Commission in October, nine children who were trafficked to Anambra State have been identified and renamed.

After nearly three to four months, the committee submitted its research report to the government in March 2020, which made 46 recommendations.

However, the government said it was up to the commission to implement the recommendations set out in its report, which was given a second responsibility.

In 2019, the Kano State Police Command said it arrested a man named Paul and his wife Mercy Paul on suspicion of transporting nine children to Anambra State, where they were sold and converted.

But the Kano state government later accepted the children and returned them to their parents.

Some attribute the disappearance of children in the state to the negligence of their parents, while others are of the opinion that there is a lack of authority in enforcing law and order and protecting civil rights.

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