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Breaking: Speaker, Nancy Pelosi calls for Trumps removal



US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has urged Vice-President Mike Pence to immediately invoke the 25th Amendment to “unseat” incumbent President Donald Trump.

“In the next 13 days, this dangerous man can do further assault on our democracy,” Pelosi told reporters at a briefing on Thursday.

“We are in a very dangerous place as long as Donald Trump remains in office,” the 80-year-old added, noting that Trump must be held accountable for the Capitol riot in Washington on Wednesday.

“The President has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people. I join the Senate Democrat leader and call on the Vice-President to remove this President by invoking the 25th Amendment. If the Vice-President and cabinet do not act the Congress may be compelled to move forward with impeachment,” she said.

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