‘Buhari’s government has created lot of opportunities for Nigerian youths’ says Femi Adesina

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Special Adviser, Media and Publicity to the President, Femi Adesina has defended the Buhari administration amidst criticism that the government has not done enough for Nigerian youths.

Adesina spoke as a guest on Sunday Politics, a Channels Television programme.

When asked about what the government because of increasing youth emigration and complaints of no thriving opportunities in Nigeria , the spokesperson said the government has launched opportunities in agriculture, technology and other disciplines.

“If you listen to the Minister of Sport and Youths development, he already outlined so many things that are being done and will still be done for Nigerian youths,” Adesina said.

“A lot (is in stock for young Nigerians). For instance, sometimes I think it was November, you had the Young Farmers’s scheme that Mr president launched himself under NADA National Agriculture Development Authority, It is an opportunity for youths. Youths are going to be empowered, they will be helped to go into different type of Agricultural projects – aquaculture, crop farming, animal husbandry and all that. And when those things mature, they will be bought from them, so that their money can be re-ploughed into that business again.

“So that is a great opportunity for youths and there are any others. In fact, we came out with a statement on early December of what the Buhari government is doing specifically for Nigerian youths, it is a whole basket.

“It is their choice (if they do not want to be involved in the agricultural project). and that is why it is not limited to Agriculture alone. You have the area of IT, you have diverse area. It is a whole basket. It is just a matter of referring to that statement and chronicling everything that has been done.”

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