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PDP describes Buhari’s New Year message as empty and directionless



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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described the 2021 New Year address by President Muhammadu Buhari as empty and directionless, saying that it confirms the party’s belief that the nation has indeed has become leaderless.

In a statement issued in Abuja in reaction to the broadcast on Friday, the main opposition party observed that the president’s speech underscores the urgent need for compatriots to come together and salvage the nation that, it said, is fast heading to a failed state.

National Publicity Secretary, the statement lamented as appalling that on New Year Day, all that President Buhari could offer a troubled and frustrated nation was “a regurgitated script full of lame excuses and empty promises that address nothing.”

The party added: “As a President, President Buhari has not demonstrated the capacity to play his own part, as he claimed, having failed to find solution for the security and economic challenges that pervade our nation under his incompetent and lethargic watch.

“The myriads of lame excuses in Mr. President’s address again underlines our national misfortune of a weak leadership that is unable to resolutely confront and vanquish bandits, terrorists, kidnappers and vandals who are now holding our nation hostage, ravaging our communities, kidnapping and beheading our compatriots without restrain.

“The least Nigerians expected from Mr. President, in the New Year, was a decisive will to tackle our security challenges by reviewing his parade and heeding the demands by Nigerians to rejig our nation’s security architecture.

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