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‘Obasanjo is not a progressive element whether in office or out of office’ – Gani Adams



The Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Aare Gani Adams, says that he does not have a reason to reconcile with former President Olusegun Obasanjo noting that his ‘guardian angel’ will not forgive him if he reconciles with the former president.

Gani Adam’s who spoke at a press conference at his Omole residence in Lagos on Tuesday, berated the former president for casting aspersions on his character while reacting to news of a previous reconciliation and ending of their 15 year old feud.

“Well, I think Baba Obasanjo has the right to say there was no reconciliation on that day but the only thing I don’t like in his statement is him condemning my character. I don’t know what he (Obasanjo) meant about my character but all I know is that we don’t share the same character.

“I know Obasanjo is not a progressive element whether when he was in office or outside the office.” Gani says.

“We cannot share the same character because I cannot toe the same line with someone whom we don’t share the same character.

“On whether I requested for a visit, I didn’t make such a request to his house. I have never requested to meet Obasanjo. The meeting that was held was as a result of the request of Pa Ayo Adebanjo. I initially refused but because of my respect for Pa Adebanjo, I went for the meeting and we had a robust discussion but I was shocked when he (Obasanjo) issued such a statement.

“Ordinarily, I would not have reacted to it but president Obasanjo is an international figure and for him to talk about my character in a negative way, if I do not react, it may affect my family and me; and the only thing I have in life is my name. I do not toy with anyone that will assassinate my character.

“So, I may agree with him that we don’t share the same character as a progressive but he is not a progressive.

“I didn’t request to meet with him and the meeting we had in Pa Adebanjo’s house in Lekki was as a result of persuasion from Afenifere and Yoruba leaders.

When asked whether he foresees any form of reconciliation shortly, he said: “That has been foreclosed, I will never go to him for any reconciliation because if he had not remarked about my character, I would have honoured his invitation. His (Obasanjo’s) press secretary called me the next day and asked whether when I would be coming over to see Baba (Obasanjo), I told him to forget it. If I go to him (Obasanjo) for any meeting, my guiding angel will be annoyed with me.”

Besides, Adams expressed worry over the state of insecurity in the country saying the “only way to address the state of insecurity is for us to restructure the country.

“When we restructure our security, we can have four levels of police. We can have the federal, regional, state, and local government police. There is no way we can continue with one structure of police.”

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