‘Someone should help me, I am feeling exhausted’ reality star, Ifu Ennada cries out

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Film actress and reality TV star, Ifu Ennada has cried out for help on social media,  voicing her frustration over a tough life. 

The budding actress made this cry via a statement on her Instagram story on Wednesday.  

She said that she is exhausted and sometimes feels neglected by God. 

“Someone should help me beg God. I am feeling exhausted …

If God can just remember me and bless me, I’ll be so happy. Sometimes I  feel neglected by God….

Sometimes I feel I struggle so much where others easily excel 

This year I have invested so much into my business and personal development … 

My frustration comes from the fact that I know God is able to bless me… Why won’t He? 

Am I such a terrible person? Did He not say a little faith was all I needed?

I’m legit tired of struggling through things.”

The 28-year-old actress had earlier taken to her Insta story three weeks ago that she was ending 2020 single because she is cursed with men. 

“Writing this, I’m just thinking of all the men I’ve been involved with in the past. There’s none of them I didn’t add value to, even the one with an influential father- the idiot knows himself. “Maybe I’m like Paul who isn’t destined to be married.”

Ifu Ennada whose birth name is Iheme Faith Uloma, is a Nigerian film actor and fashion designer and a former BBNaija housemate. She is also an award winning actress known for winning the AMAA award for Best Young and Promising Actor in the movie O-Town.


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