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Islamic group urge muslims in Nigeria to stay away from #ENDSARS protest



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The Muslim Rights Concern group has called on Muslims to ignore the call to join another protest in Nigeria.

Director of MURIC, Prof Ishaq Akintola, said Muslims should not join a protest under any guise or for whatever purpose.

He claimed that the aftermath of the #ENDSARS protest was very bitter as it pushed the country to the edge of the precipice, adding that the protest had ethnic and religious colouration.

Akintola said, “The ensuing destruction of properties during the protest was too massive, enough to cause goose pimples in anyone with the milk of homo sapien compos mentis flowing in his or her veins. It is also enough to discourage another protest so soon.

“Nigerian Muslims and, indeed, every right-thinking Nigerian for that matter, should not allow this to happen again. We must not join any fresh protest under whatever guise.

“Leaderless protests lead to chaos. Leaderless protests come with awful intentions. We should not join them.

“The last demonstration has taught us a bitter lesson, namely, that it is difficult to know the true intention of any protest. They may start peacefully but graduate to violent outings.”

Akintola also condemned the vandaliaation of properties by hoodlums especially the setting ablaze of police stations.

He noted that the dereliction of duty by police officers due to fear has led to daylight robbery and traffic gridlock in many parts of Lagos State, the epicenter of the protest.

Meanwhile, there is anxiety in Lagos over planned resumption of #EndSARS protest today by some youths amidst threat by the police to resist any gathering.

The #EndSARS movement is said to be mobilizing to stage a fresh protest across the state citing “harassment” of the promoters.

The state panel of inquiry investigating alleged brutality and abuses by the disbanded State Anti-Robbery Squadas well as the recent Lekki shootings had suspended sitting on Saturday when two youth representatives pulled out in protest against the freezing of accounts of the #EndSARS promoters by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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