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“You Can Move From Lack To Abundance With Thanksgiving” – Sunday Message From Pastor Sam Adeyemi



Sam Adeyemi is the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, a fast growing, life changing church committed to “raising role models” based in Lagos.

In todays message, Pastor Adeyemi preached about thanksgiving and enphasised the need for Christians to understand that thanksgiving thanksgiving can turn sadness to joy, and it can turn hopeless situations around. John 6:11

Find below excepts from the sermon:

1. This is the riskiest season to get Off the frequency of faith. Keep believing. #Thanksgiving

2. You have to flip your thinking to gain perspective. Things maybe bad but thank God it is not worse. #Thanksgiving

3. We fail when we live our lives on the platform of reaction. Satan will become your script writer. #Thanksgiving

4. Don’t waste your time complaining. Not living in Faith makes us to waste opportunities. #Thanksgiving

5. Whenever you are criticised or abused, give thanks & remember “Opinions are cheap but Convictions are rare” #Thanksgiving

6. It is always good to have to-do lists. It becomes the basis for evaluating your effectiveness. #Thanksgiving

7. One item you can have on the list and not miss it, is thanksgiving. #Thanksgiving

8. Thanksgiving must be on our ‘to do list’ everyday. Psalm 92:1-4, #Thanksgiving

9. When thanksgiving is on your ‘to do list’, you have a means of turning obstacles to miracles. #Thanksgiving

10. Thanksgiving can turn sadness to joy, and it can turn hopeless situations around. John 6:11 #Thanksgiving

11. You can move from lack to abundance with thanksgiving. #Thanksgiving

12. You can use thanksgiving to replace negative habits. It is a verified tool for sanctification. Eph 5:4 MSG #Thanksgiving

13. Thanksgiving is our dialect. Thanksgiving shall not depart from your mouth. You shall do it day and night. #Thanksgiving

14. When you are not sure of what to do, give thanks. To know the will of God, give thanks. #Thanksgiving

15. The channel you switch to when bad news hit you is instrumental to your blessings. Switch to Thanksgiving. #Thanksgiving

16. Welcome to your season of thanksgiving: your season of supernatural intervention. #Thanksgiving

17. Receive the garment of praise by the power of the Holy Spirit. #Thanksgiving


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