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Anu Adebayo @Anu_Chayil Writes About Temperature Control And Skin Maintenance



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It was about noon one day in December 2009, I was standing in front of the mirror willing myself not to cry. I remember this image quite well because I think that was the last time I felt so sad about sweating.

I was dressed to attend a wedding, so while I waited for my friends to call I decided to put the finishing touches to my make up when the almighty NEPA struck and did what they have the power to do. The thing is, it is extremely easy for me to get hot and sweaty and the idea of sweating while wearing makeup gives me palpitations; my flawlessness should not be messed with.

So I opened the windows to let in more air yet within a few minutes I was sweating and having to put on a dress was torture. I realised my eyes were getting teary and I had started to exhibit signs of a bad attitude; frowning and mumbling responses to questions I was asked, I also started dabbling with the idea of telling my friends I wasn’t coming to the wedding anymore.

I know some people can think this is extreme but for my fellow sweat gang members who have to always bear this cross of not getting half your makeup on a handkerchief, tissue or your dress neckline please follow my sincere and tested advice below:

  • Learn to be calm – take a few deep breathes, firmly and softly reach for the peace and calmness you would like to feel. Trust me when you are agitated or nervous, you would most likely sweat more.
  • Arrange everything you need on the bed or within reach because the process of constantly walking across the room would not help.
  • Always have a ‘breeze providing’ device- Open windows, have a hand fan you can use lightly sometimes, Air conditioner (if you have power for that), a fan that is blowing around you and not directly at you because once you move from this, the heat attack will feel more intense.
  • Start the process of getting ready early, avoid being under pressure of being late or constant calls from those you are going out with.
  • Do not touch oil or lotion, do all that well before you start applying makeup and wash your hands.
  • Prime the hell out of your face and learn how to properly apply foundation and powder. This helps makeup last longer and gives a flawless finish so that even if you sweat it just rises above the product and you can dab it off.
  • Apply makeup without your clothes on or at least in a garment that doesn’t induce heat
  • Get everything you need for the event all ready packed so once you are done and dressed you will fly out of your home (it also helps you be organized and not forget what you need)
  • Do not allow yourself be angry or shout unnecessarily, while this is when the enemy may try to test you do not fall for it! Your fleekness is of utmost importance and anger is never worth it!

And if for any reason you still break a sweat (as realistically this may happen from time to time) do not be upset, keep calm, use oil blotting tissue and smile.

I do not remember what saved the day because I doubt NEPA brought the light, but I know I calmed down and went to have fun with my friends and yes I still remained beautiful (I promise I have a picture to prove this fact)

Send your beauty questions to or @Anu_Chayil on Twitter….

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