Special Prayer Session Organised To Commemorate Buhari’s 300 Days In Office At The Juma’at Mosque Abuja

A special prayer session organised to commemorate the Muhammadu Buhari administration’s 300 days in office was held yesterday in Abuja, with hundreds of Nigerians from across the states in attendance.

The special event, held at the area 11 Juma’at Mosque in Abuja and sponsored by Ahmed Shuaibu-Gara Gombe, was used to remind leaders and the masses of their respective responsibilities towards nation building.

With the Juma’at Mosque filled to capacity early in the morning, the session was the third prayer in the series for president Buhari, which is being marked after each 100 days of the administration’s lifespan.

Guest speaker, Shiek Muhammadu Kabiru Gombe, said during a Tafsir with the theme “Good Citizenship” after the special prayer, that there was the need for the country to thank the Almighty Allah for the improved security in the country ever since the assumption of the present administration.

Shiek Gombe’s Tafsir dwelt much on the imperatives of the Nigerian youth to be self-reliant and engage themselves with all forms of trading and businesses as has been found in the history of successive messengers of Allah during their separate times.

He quoted a number of Qur’anic verses where masses have been enjoined to be good citizens of their lands and add to its prosperity by being prayerful to their leaders.

Shiek Nasiru Gombe had earlier opened the event with recitation from the Holy Qur’an after which the Tafsir focused on admonishing Nigerians to embrace virtues of good behavior, piety and obedience for them to be good citizens.

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