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“Due To Last Minute Technical Hitches” – NASS Explains Why Lawmakers Failed To Pass 2016 Budget



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The National Assembly on Thursday gave reason for failing to pass the 2016 appropriation bill as earlier promised Nigerians.

Speaking at a joint press conference the spokesman of the Senate Senator Aliyu Sabi and his colleague at the House of Representative Abdulrazak Namdas said failure to pass the 2016 budget was due to last minute technical hitches.

According to them, the 2016 budget will be lay and pass next week. “We are unable to lay the 2016 appropriation act as promised. It will be lay and pass next week. We have finished working on the budget and it is going through the process of harmonization and once we are done the laying and passing of the budget would be completed next week” Sabi and Namdas said.

While assuring Nigerians that the budget would be passed next week, the National Assembly spokesmen said the lawmakers would not pass a budget that is not implementable. “We don’t want to rush just because we want to pass the budget. We assure Nigerians that the budget that would be passed is implementable. We call on Nigerians to understand with us” they said.

The spokesmen added that if the budget is passed in a rush it will not be in the interest of Nigerians.

It would be recalled that NASS earlier announced that the 2016 budget would be passed March 17, 2016.


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