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“Power Without Control Is A Recipe For Disaster”- Lai Mohammed Wants Nigerian Bloggers To Self-Regulate



Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed says the Federal government is not about to regulate or stultify the Nigerian Social Media.

He said this at a meeting with bloggers Monday at Zen Garden Chinese restaurant Ikeja, Lagos today November 23rd.

“There is enormous power in your fingertips, and no one can ignore you. Such is the prodigious power in your hands that it becomes imperative for you Nigerian bloggers to allow some measure of responsibility and restraint in exercising such power.

“Herein lies the challenge: Power without control is a recipe for disaster!. What I am saying in essence is that you must self-regulate in order not to self-destruct.

Self-regulation allows you Nigerian bloggers to weed out the charlatans among you in order to maintain your credibility and ensure your survival. Lose credibility and lose it all. That is the stark reality.

“If you must survive and grow, you must not compromise your credibility. Let me assure you that the Federal Government does not intend to stifle free speech or abridge the rights of Nigerians to air their views freely.

“We are not about to regulate or stultify the Social Media. This explains why we are asking you Nigerian Bloggers to self-regulate.

“That is why we are encouraging yoo the Nigerian bloggers? to rein in the impostors among you and show restraint when dealing with issues of national unity, issues of Nigeria’s sovereignty, as well as issues concerning the lives and well-being of Nigerians”he said.

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