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Ex-Chief Of Naval Staff Says Materials Used By Boko Haram For Bombing Are Sold Nigerian Owned Shops

Immediate past Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin says that some of the materials used by Boko Haram members to make the devices they use in their various attacks are sold by Nigerians and in Nigerian shops.

According to The Nation, he said this while speaking to reporters after his pulling out ceremony at the Naval Base, Apapa in Lagos yesterday August 12th.

“Terrorists are among us; they are very difficult for security agencies to identify without intelligence. Since they are among us, the source of materials used for their devices are sold by Nigerians and some from shops belonging to Nigerians. To that end, one expects that owners of stolen equipment or those who suspicious equipment are bought from should report to the security agencies, their confidentiality is guaranteed because no one will disclose the source of the information. I am appealing to Nigerians to support President Buhari and the security agencies so that they can do their jobs well. Believing in the effectiveness of intelligence gathering, Nigerians must provide the intelligence for security forces to be able to identify would-be bombers and suicide bombers; as well as monitoring to the extent that security forces can unravel where terrorists make their IEDs.”he said

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