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Governor El-Rufai Breaks Long Tradition, Cancels Ramadan ‘Welfare’ Package To Muslims



The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasiru El-Rufai, on Friday cancelled the annual Ramadan “welfare” package distributed to Muslims in the state.
Past administrations distributed rice, millet, vegetable oil, milk, sugar and other commodities to Muslims; and also hosted religious groups to Ramadan breakfast.

Governor El-Rufai said his government could not continue sharing state resources. He said if his government continues in that direction, it will only be able to pay salaries according to PT reports.

Speaking when he received the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Jama’atul Nasril Islam Friday at the Government House, Kaduna, Mr. El-Rufai said if his government continues to fund the welfare package, it will barely be able to deliver on key mandates of his government, considering the state’s finances.

“This beautiful office complex we are in cost the government about N10billion. Me and my partner, the Deputy Governor would not have built this when there are many masses oriented projects yet to be executed, but it has been built, we have to use.

“I have also been made to understand that, this Ramadan period, we are supposed to have started sharing rice, milk and sugar, but we will not do that.? One, the government is not supposed to be involved in religious activities. Two, the government is broke.

“So, we solicit for your prayers to be able to stabilize the situation and we hope that things will improve,” he said.

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