APC Responds To Soludo; As Fayemi Presents Party’s Economic Plan And Calls Out PDP’s Denial

The All Progressive Congress (APC) has commended the analysis of former CBN Governor, Charles Soludo, in the economic situation in the country, in his controversial analysis. The Head, Policy, Research and Strategy Directorate of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation, Kayode Fayemi, started by commending Mr. Soludo for contributing to the ongoing national debate.
Mr. Kayode said the APC agrees with the former CBN governor on the need for political parties to focus on issues that matter most to Nigerians including the country’s progress and the well being of its people.

He also noted that Mr. Soludo’s comments tallied with the concerns majority of Nigerians have expressed about the “incalculable damage” the Jonathan government had done to the country’s economy.

It, however, said its platform provides a real option to Nigerians who desire genuine change for the country.

“The APC does not intend to ride into power on a mere rhetoric of ‘change’. The change that we propose is fundamental in many ways as it is critical to the very survival of our country,” Mr. Fayemi said, unlike his PDP counterpart who derided the former CBN governor for highlighting the problems with Nigeria’s troubled economy.

“This in itself presents a major distinction between our party and the PDP. Perhaps, the most compelling argument against the People’s Democratic Party today is that its government and leadership do not even see that Nigeria is in trouble.

“While majority of our people wallow in abject poverty, and the gap in inequality gets ever wider by the day, yet PDP has basked in self-celebration of imagined accomplishments. How can a party or a government even begin to solve a problem that it does not believe exist? Like in all things, PDP is stuck in denial.”

Although the party said it does not promise an Eldorado, it maintains that its programmes are based on the critical awareness of the difficult task ahead, while holding out a ray of hope to the people.

“The promises that we make reflect our innermost belief that the people must be at the centre of development. Especially, we believe that any economic growth that leaves the majority of the people behind, and does not protect the weakest and the vulnerable among us, is merely delusional,” the party said.

It said the country’s unemployment rate of 23.9 percent points to a national crisis, saying the party will tackle unemployment and provide good jobs by embarking on a massive programme of public works, building houses, roads, railways, ports and energy plants.

It stated, “Over the long term, we believe we must wean Nigeria off its dangerous addiction to oil, which currently provides 80 percent of our spending, leaving us at the mercy of volatile international oil prices.

“Even as a federalist party, we believe that an economy that is dependent on a commodity that is so dangerously exposed to price volatility must always prepare for eventuality through savings and investments once the agreed thresholds are met.

“What we disagree with is the unilateral and arbitrary deductions in accruable revenues in a way that hampers the development of the federating States.”

Quoting official government statistics, the APC said the three states with the lowest unemployment rate – Osun, Lagos and Kwara – are under its control, noting that it policy thrust will create an enabling environment and incentives for formal and informal sectors to lead the job creation quest.

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