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“Accept The Result Of The Primary ” Bola Tinubu’s Speech Pleading With Aspirants At Lagos APC Polls


Dear delegates, party members and aspirants. Today is a historic and momentous date. It is a moment when you have come together in the open air and light of day to select the person who will be the party’s standard bearer for our beloved state. As such, today shall advance the march of democracy in our state, our party and our country. With over 6,000 delegates representing the entire party in Lagos state gathered here to fulfil their right and duty to elect our flag bearer for Lagos state, we mark this time is an important moment.

I want to use this opportunity to commend all the aspirants. You all have tried hard and have sweated and toiled for the good of the state and the party. Traversing every inch of the state, appealing to voters and explaining your vision and programs for Lagos, you all have acquitted yourselves very well indeed. I am proud of how you campaigned. You have done so by trying to sell your vision and not by tearing each other’s down. You have competed fairly and honestly yet have remained brothers throughout. This is as it should and must be. Even after today is over and done, we must continue in this same spirit.

When I met with all of you some time ago , you spoke of the need to have a fair democratic process in selecting the flag bearer., Today you have that process.

However, we must be realistic. As much as I wish the party could reward you all for your intelligent and sincere efforts, it is impossible to do so. There are 12 good men seeking but one position. Only one of you can win this contest today. We believe in you as you believe in yourself that you are all qualified in your own right.

But for the party and for all of us to win and succeed come February, we must join hands in common cause and for one single, solitary purpose after today. That cause is to win the general election so that progressive and enlightened good governance shall continue to reside in Lagos and so that our state remains a shining example to the rest of the nation. The way we conduct ourselves after this primary will be a reflection of what Lagos represents to all Nigerians: a model of democracy, a symbol of peace and cohesion.

I urge us all to comport ourselves in a brotherly manner and with a democratic spirit. And to accept the result of the primary as the choice of our party that we may move forward to protect the Lagos we have jointly built and to continue the progress we jointly seek.

I thank all Lagosians, party leaders at both the state and national levels who have worked tirelessly to make today possible.

Please reflect on what is good for Lagos. Our enemy is lying in wait expecting us to fall apart and come against each other. You are twelve aspirants and like the twelve tribes of Israel you may have some differences but you must remain one and united. No one tears down what he has labored hard to build. Let us put the enemy to shame by resolving to work together as a family because that is what we are and must always be: a family.

Thank you and God bless.

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