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Atiku Devastated At The Frequency & Brutality Of Terrorist Attacks On Innocent People

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar also condemned the latest bomb blasts at the Kano Central Mosque.
The former Vice President also condemned previous bomb blasts in Kontagora and Maiduguri.

In a statement in Abuja by his media office, the former Vice President said he was devastated personally by the frequency and brutality of terrorist attacks on innocent people, adding that this ceaseless violence achieves nothing.

According to him, the attacks on mosques, churches, schools, bus stations, markets, shopping plazas and other heavy human targets, defy the teachings of all known religions of the world.

The former Vice President said his heart always bleeds at this senseless violence, adding that it was high time the Boko Haram terrorists abandoned violence and embraced peace once and for all.

While calling on Nigerians to be more vigilant and share human intelligence, he at the same time called on the country’s security forces to be ahead of the terrorists with better strategies.

While acknowledging that terrorism is a relatively new security challenge, he said more efforts are needed to improve detection of terrorists before they reach their targets.

He called for rigorous public education to help ordinary Nigerians identify suicide bombers before they reach their intended targets.

The former Vice President, while commending the sacrifices of our security forces, called for faster and more rigorous response to terrorist threats.

He expressed his condolences to the people and government of Kano State, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and the Kano Emirate and the families of all those who may have been killed in the heinous attacks in Kano, Kontagora and Maiduguri.

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