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Pictures Of Nigerian Military Operations In Gombi, Pelia And Hong

The pictures here are from the military operations in Gombi, Pelia and Hong in Adamawa State where the Nigerian troops mercilessly dealt with the terrorists with the recovery of the towns as well as their destroyed vehicles, hideouts, weapons and ammunitions. While some of the terrorists have been captured alive others were killed in the operation,

The Nigerian troops too could be seen in action.

The ongoing military operations in the North-Eastern Nigeria is to clear all areas infested by terrorists.

Mopping up exercise is ongoing in the areas while the troops are moving to other communities in what a top security officer described as ‘Operation No Mercy against Terrorists.”

Troops with one of the captured weapons

IED Materials seized from the terrorists

IEDs materials seized from the terrorists

Laptops and phones seized from the terrorists.

Laptops and phones seized from the terrorists

One of the vehicles owned by the insurgents destroyed by the Nigerian Military.

One of the terrorists vehicle destroyed in action

Arms and ammunitions seized from the terrorists

More arms and ammunitions seized from the terrorists

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