Abia PDP Chairman Denies Imposition Rumours, Says He Is Not Aware Of Any Interest From Orji’s Son

The Chairman of the Abia State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Emma Nwaka, has denied rumours making the round that Governor Theodore Orji plans to impose his son as a member of the state house of Assemby and subsequently as the speaker of the house.

Senator Nwaka who spoke with newsmen on Tuesday denied awareness of any knowledge of Orji’s son to contest for a seat in the House.

Some media have carried a news report in which it was claimed that Orji has concluded plans to impose his son on the party.

Nwaka said that though Orji’s son “is eminently qualified to contest the House of Assembly if he chooses to do so”, he has no knowledge of such interest.

The PDP have banned state governors from imposing their preffered candidates on the party and has directed them to have an open primary from which the most popular candidate should emerge for the 2015 elections.


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