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How Kanye Plans To Be The Proprietor Of A Trillion-Dollar Business



While speaking at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College where he was part of a team undergoing community service (his being for attacking a photographer last year), Kanye West revealed how he plans to foster world’s first trillion dollar company. He made clear his plans of launching his own Sports kit company.

According to the 37-year-old:


“I’m going to be making uniforms for my old high school through my brand Yeezy. I want to… eventually do uniforms for the entire city. ‘Then I want those uniforms to be hot and I eventually want to be the anchor and the force behind a $1 billion company. Then I want to be the anchor of the first $1 trillion company.”

His reservations about the word ‘fashion’ were also made known:

“I want to stop using the term ‘fashion’ because Eve made Adam bite an apple and since then it’s been illegal to be naked. I’m helping people follow the law in style.”

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