Jonathan To Meet Obama, Cameron On Boko Haram

President Goodluck Jonathan may soon meet with President Barack Obama and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron over the refusal of the two countries to allow arms deals to strengthen the military in the fight against the Boko Haram Insurgents.
The meeting becomes necessary following the Federal Government’s inability to procure necessary arms and ammunition to fight terrorists in the north eastern part of the country.
The unwillingness of the American and British governments to assist Nigerian security services with arms and training, following which the government has turned to Russia and China to meet some of its military requirements.
Already, over 1,000 Nigerian soldiers and other security personnel are in Russia for training by the country’s security personnel.A senior military said
“Our greatest challenge is that the American government has not only remained unwilling to sell arms to our security services, they have blocked every attempt by this government to procure arms through other means. They do not share intelligence with our security services, they are not assisting our security services substantially”
“We believe that if we are able to have a breakthrough with the American President, things will be better in terms of purchase of equipment for our armed services. We are hopeful that the trend will be reversed if we are able to convince the Americans”

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