Violent Clash In Enugu Community Over Move To Join Kogi state

There was pandemonium at Ette in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, following disagreement by rival groups. About 10 houses were destroyed and many people injured.

The disagreement was over whether to remain as part of the Enugu State or be merged with Kogi State. The Vanguard learnt the violennce started when those who wanted to be merged with Kogi state attacked a youth leader in the opposing camp and burnt down his house.

The other group then launched a reprisal attack which led to the mass and violent fight.
However, soldiers from the 82 Division of the Nigerian Army have been deployed to the area to contain the situation.

According to police sources at Enugu Ezike, the headquarters of the local council, the group “attacked and shot the youth leader of those in favour of remaining in Enugu four times.

“Although the youth leader, Mr. Matthias Eje, survived the attack, he sustained several bullet wounds from the four shots, while his house was also burnt. The attackers also burnt other houses in Onoda part of Ette.”


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