Jonathan Thanks South West PDP, Enumerates His Achievements At South West PDP Rally

President Goodluck Jonathan was yesterday at the South West sensitisation Rally of the PDP in Lagos. expressed gratitude to the members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for adopting him as the party’s sole candidate.

“I thank the party for giving me the right of first refusal, that is what happens in advance democracies. It also shows that our democracy is maturing.

There are no dictators in the PDP. There is no one who will determine the councillor, local government chairmen, state House of Assembly member, House of Representative member, Senator, governor and even president.

The decision is by the people, for the people and that is why the PDP will continue to new things. The Vice President and I have promised not to disappoint the people; the PDP will continue to do the right thing and we promise you that we will not disappoint you.”

He also enumerated the many achievements of his administration “you will see that the government is moving. The signs are there though we have not reached where we wish to reach but government is focused.

The Transformation Agenda is on course. We will continue to make sure that we create jobs for our youths, the job creation, the VP mention, we are taking it from various angles. In terms of education, we are making sure we improve the quality of education and also enlarge the facilities.”

Jonathan said that his administration built a federal university for the south west state where there was none “when we came on board, we noticed that a state in the south west did not have a federal university. We built a federal university there, it is a small university but we will continue to improve it.

We’re improving small and medium industries to create jobs for our people and we are providing soft loans to make sure young men and women are employed. We are promoting youth programmes.

If we continue to create 3.5 million jobs every year in the next few years, we will see that the unemployment rate will continue to drop.”

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