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‘Dora Akunyili Demonstrated That Public Office Is An Opportunity To Be Noble’

Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah has urged political office holders to emulate Late Minister of Information, Professor Dora Akunyili who he said demonstrated that public office is an opportunity to be noble.

Kukah gave the charge in his homily at the Requiem Mass in Akunyili’s honour at the Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro Cathedral Catholic Church, Abuja.

“She left a legacy for her family and children will be proud of. We will go to heaven not because of the extra ordinary things we do in life but the simple things we do extraordinarily. She did ordinary things in extra ordinary manner.

“In politics, public life, family, she demonstrated indeed that power was not everything and that power comes from God. But to some of us when we pray that the will of God be done we are simply saying your will correspond to ours on earth. That is why we have a lot of violence in politics.”

“When we live with good people, we tend to take so many things for granted. Her struggle will never be in vain. May God grant peace to our country,” Kukah stated.

Kukah said that funerals should be one of the proudest moment as Christians because it is a reminder between Christianity and every other religions in the world.

“This is not to compare Christianity to other religions but to tell us why we are Christians. The reality of funerals is as Jesus demonstrated to us that tears is part of our emotions as He wept for his friend, Lazarus.”

“St. Paul admonished us in Romans 13 that men and women should work in the light because it would soon be daylight. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is what set Christianity apart from other religions.

“We know that Jesus went and back, is that simple act that Christians believe that death is the beginning of new life. We should pay attention to the legacy she left by the way she used the gifts that she had.” he said.

Kukah added: “The Bible says happy is husband of a good wife, it illustrates the qualities of women. The reason why Nigerians mourn Dora, is not because of the contracts she gave but she had the ability to see the future. Your encounter with her was not ordinary.”

“She demonstrated to us that public life can be an opportunity to be noble. When we surrender our lives to God, He has a way of turning it around to something we never can imagine.”

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