Ebola Outbreak: US Envoy Reveals ZMapp Drugs Not Enough To Send To Nigeria

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The experimental drug for Ebola virus treatment, ZMapp is currently being used to treat two American doctors who have been hit by the deadly virus.

Nigeria had demanded for the experimental drug but it appears the West African giants would have to wait longer as the health minister, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu has been told the drugs are not enough to serve Nigeria’s request yet.

This disclosure was made yesterday (Monday) in Abuja by the U.S ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle  while visiting the health minister. Entwistle explained that the drug had not been produced yet in large quantities and could therefore not be sent to Nigeria yet. He also praised the efforts of the Nigerian government in trying to contain the deadly virus.

“Your government is doing a good job on contact tracing, I noticed when I flew back here on Thursday night into the country, and before I left the plane I filed in the questionnaire.

“I was very impressed because I had to put in my seat number which is a very good idea, so that if you have to trace the guy who was seating next to me you will know where I am,” he said.

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