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Bombs Planted In Two Mosques In Yobe Explode

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Bombs planted in two mosques exploded on Tuesday evening in Yobe State killing a yet to be confirmed number of people, the police have said.

The Yobe Police spokesperson, Nansak Chewang, confirmed the bomb attacks in Potiskum, one of the largest towns in the state.

Mr Chewang told the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday that the police were still working on the details to know the casualty figure.

“We are still working on the details to get the authentic figures of casualties in the bomb attacks in Potiskum,’’ he said. Bombs planted in two mosques had exploded at about 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday when Muslims in the area were preparing for the evening prayers.

Though no group has claimed responsibility for the explosions, they have believed to have been carried out by the Boko Haram whose activities have caused the death of over 13,000 people in Northern Nigeria. Yobe is one of the major bastions of the Boko Haram, and alongside Borno and Adamawa, has been under a state of emergency since May last year.

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