How I stopped Boko Haram From Operating A Base In Niger – Babangida

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Babangida Aliyu, Executive governor of Niger state has revealed how he prevented Boko Haram from having a operating base in the state by sacking the Darul Salam sect from their Mokwa base in 2010.

Urging state governors to be proactive in security matters, Aliyu in Adesoye College Offa 22nd Convocation said he was proactive in sacking Darul Islam sect, where at least the key leaders of the dreaded Book Haram were once encamped.

In a statement issued Saturday by the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Israel Ebije, he insisted that once the sect members comprising Nigerians from different states and aliens were dislodged from Niger, it was the duty of their respective states (Nigerian sect members) to put them on security watch.

“We were proactive in managing Boko Haram insurgents from having a base in Niger State. Imagine having Boko Haram in the middle of Nigeria? A governor must at all times seek ways of protecting the lives and property of people in his state”

“Security challenges therefore do not happen just like that, it takes the indulgence of some elite who are desperate to gain political advantage. It is the thugs they engage that are causing the nation serious security challenge,” he said.

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